Technology Overview

SMIC's Power and Analog technologies provide a modular architecture based on existing low power logic platform, giving it superior cost and performance for analog and power applications. The technology including bipolar transistors, high voltage LDMOS transistors, precision analog passives devices and eFuse/OTP/MTP non-volatile memory, while providing competitive power device Rds(on).

These technologies run in volume production on 200mm wafers in SMIC's facilities in China and Italy, with world class defect density. Extensive services and supply chain support are available through SMIC's comprehensive China and worldwide partnerships (including mask making, assembly, packaging, and test), allowing SMIC to provide complete turnkey solutions.

Application Usage

The technologies are targeted for cost-effective mobile, computing, and consumerapplications such as battery management, DC-DC, AC-DC, PMIC, quick chargers, motor controllers and automotive and industrial applications.

  • Mobile

  • Computing

  • Consumer Applications

  • Quick Chargers

  • Motor Controllers

  • Automotive

  • Industrial Applications