IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Technology Overview

Through continuous enhancements in mature technology platforms, SMIC now offers a complete one-stop service for IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, manufacturing, and chip design. Together with partners in the IC ecosystem, SMIC helps design houses to make IoT smart hardware chips which can be used in smart home, smart energy, safety & security, industrial & robots, wearable devices, automotive, transportation, logistics, environmental, agriculture, health monitoring and medical, and other application segments. SMIC will provide professional, secure and complete local services as well as help design houses shorten time-to-market, reduce costs and establish a strong position in the emerging IoT market.

IoT Logic Platform: Ultra Low Power + RF + eFlash

IoT products usually have a wide range of functions and develop and respond quickly to market demands. The product mix covers sensors, microprocessors, memory and connectivity and focuses on small volume and low power consumption. SMIC's range of low power logic and RF process technologies enables IC design houses to produce ICs for IoT applications in smart home, wearable devices, smart city, and related applications, which can be optimized for safety, performance, and cost.



Ultra Low Power Logic and RF Platform

95ULP - SMIC 95ULP provides the highest density solution and smallest SRAM at 8'' foundry technology. It has excellent transistor characteristics with low leakage, low power and low parasitic capacitance.

55ULP - By reducing products' operating voltage, and providing optimization of device and IP design, SMIC's 55ULP solutions can greatly reduce both dynamic and static power consumption of products, and optimize cost and performance.


Low Leakage eFlash Platform

SMIC's low power embedded Flash (eFlash) technologies can further integrate internal memory solutions, with proven and stable mass production. Smart card chips that adopted SMIC's low leakage eFlash technology have passed strict product reliability tests and have been launched into the market successfully.


Comprehensive IoT IP/Subsystem ecosystem

By establishing good partnerships with global and domestic IP partners, SMIC can offer a complete, high quality IP and design service in RF, baseband, eFlash, CPU and DSP IP core, foundation library IP, power management IP, information security IP, and analog interface IP. And for new applications, SMIC can provide specific types of subsystems such as voice/image processing, low power wide area connectivity and so on.